UK makes up 10 per cent of EU's wind power capacity

The UK installed 1.7 GW of wind energy capacity in 2014 to reach a total of 12.4 GW, or 10 per cent of the EU’s 128.7 GW total capacity.

Data from the European Wind Energy Association shows that in 2014 the UK was the second largest market for new capacity in the EU.

The largest market in 2014 was Germany, with nearly 5.3 GW of new capacity. Sweden came in third with 1.05 GW, closely followed by France with 1.04 GW.

Meanwhile, the rate of wind installations in previously large markets, such as Denmark, Spain and Italy showed a significant decrease of 90.4 per cent, 84.3 per cent and 75.4 per cent respectively in 2014.

Overall, during 2014, the total amount of new power generating capacity installed in the EU was 26.9 GW, 9.4 GW less than in 2013. 

Wind power had the highest installation rate in 2014 with 11.8 GW installed, accounting for 43.7 per cent of all new installations. Solar PV was second with 8 GW (29.7 per cent of 2014 installations) and coal third with 3.3 GW (12.3 per cent).

No other technologies came close to wind and solar in terms of new installed capacity. Gas installed 2.3 GW (8.7 per cent of total installations), biomass 990 MW (3.7 per cent), hydro 436 MW (1.6 per cent), waste 68 MW (0.3 per cent), geothermal 45 MW and ocean 1.3 MW.

No CSP, fuel oil, nuclear and peat generating capacity was installed in 2014.

Author: Lois Vallely,
Channel: Operations & Assets
Tags: European Wind Energy Association

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