Ventient Energy has launched today (27 November) with a 690MW onshore wind portfolio, making it the UK’s third largest owner and operator of onshore windfarms.

The portfolio consists of 34 windfarms spread across the UK, from Cornwall to Caithness, although roughly two thirds of the generation capacity is located in Scotland.

Ventient Energy was formed by the merger of Zephyr Investments and Infinis Wind, which beforehand owned 15 and 19 windfarms respectively. The new company is owned by institutional investors advised by JP Morgan Asset Management.

“We are excited to introduce Ventient Energy, now a major player in onshore wind energy,” said the firm’s chief executive, Scott Mackenzie. “We are the largest non-utility owner of onshore wind in Britain.

“We are ambitious – committed to creating prosperity through safe and sustainable generation of renewable sourced electricity, through quality job creation and supporting the communities in which we operate.

“The UK onshore wind market is fragmented, and Ventient Energy owns only six per cent of market capacity at present, so we see plenty of opportunities to grow our installed capacity through consolidation,” he added.

As a result of the merger, asset management services which were previously undertaken by Innogy Renewable UK on behalf Zephyr Investments are now being performed by Ventient Energy from its new headquarters in Edinburgh.

Ventient Energy’s Wind Portfolio

Source: Ventient Energy

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