Aggreko has added a new mobile battery storage system, called the Y.Cube, to its 10GW fleet of rental generators.

The 1MW modules, featuring lithium-ion batteries, are housed entirely within standard 20-foot shipping containers and can be combined together to provide more power.

They are available in 30-minute and one-hour versions and can be operated in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

Dan Ibbetson, managing director, global products and technology at Aggreko, said: “Renewable energy is increasingly affordable, but not yet as universally available as it should be, while energy demand is increasing. Battery storage systems offer the flexibility required for safe and stable use of wind and solar power and increase the efficiency of thermal units.”

The Y.Cube is manufactured by Younicos, whick Aggreko acquired in 2017.

“In the Y.Cube, we have successfully combined proven battery expertise from Younicos with Aggreko’s containerisation experience,” said Ibbetson. “The Y.Cube enables us to provide cheaper, cleaner and smarter energy wherever it’s needed for our customers.

“It is designed to fit seamlessly within the Aggreko existing fleet and can be easily combined with solar and thermal products to provide our customers with the lowest cost of energy. We are now building a fleet of Y.Cubes, which will enable us to quickly deploy on short notice.”

Karim Wazni, managing director Aggreko microgrid and storage solutions, added: “We’re already seeing considerable interest from a range of sectors and applications. One of the most economically attractive propositions is to combine the Y.Cube with natural gas and solar generation in off-grid applications.

“This could include remote mining sites, in weak grids like islands, or, with gas generators only to provide bridging power – for example in data centres.”

Earlier this week, smart battery company Moixa announced the completion of an £8.6 million funding round.

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