ASA bans ‘misleading’ Green Installer domestic repair service ad

A domestic repairs service company has been ordered to remove "misleading" comparisons from their website following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Green Installer Ltd offered its the CORGI HomePlan Summer 6 cover at £19.98 per month, and made comparisons to British Gas and Homeserve schemes, claiming they would cost £32.00 per month and £41.57 per month respectively.

However, ASA upheld a complaint that it was not a fair comparison as the products were not identical.

The complaint stated that the comparison was not like-for-like because of fundamental differences between the types of cover, with the HomePlan being offered on a rolling monthly contract, while the others had a minimum one-year contract.

The ASA also ruled that the claimed figure of £41.57 for Homeserve’s cover was misleading because the combined cover could be found at a lower price.

Green Installer was told the claims must not appear in their current form and any future adverts must ensure like-for-like comparisons with any significant differences explained.