#AskUsAnything: Innovation – is Covid an obstacle or opportunity?

Event Date: 04/09/2020 11:00 am

#AskUsAnything: Innovation – is Covid an obstacle or opportunity?

In our latest #AskUsAnything show a panel of innovation experts will discuss the obstacles to change for the utilities sector and whether the pandemic has reinforced or challenged a risk averse culture across the industry. Senior figures from Cadent, Northumbrian Water and UKPN will be taking part.

There is little argument that innovation is essential for the UK to reach its net-zero target and for utilities to keep pace with societal changes.

However, the debate over the implementation of and investment in innovation projects has been over-shadowed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Our latest #AskUsAnything show, sponsored by Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, will discuss how the quest for innovation can run parallel to the response to Covid and how the industry can clearly communicate the need for new ways of thinking.

Areas for discussion will include:

  • The investment case for innovation
  • How regulation can best support companies to embrace creative thinking
  • Whether utilities are still too risk averse to adopt a “fail quickly, try again” philosophy
  • Whether policy gaps are holding back innovation or whether it is down to the industry to set the building blocks for change
  • How do we foster greater collaboration?
  • What are the key areas for innovation in the short term?

The panel will include:

  • Ian Cameron, head of customer service & innovation at UK Power Networks
  • Tony Conway, former executive director at United Utilities
  • Howard Forster, chief operating officer at Cadent
  • Angela MacOscar, head of innovation at Northumbrian Water

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