#AskUsAnything: The water sector

Event Date: 15/05/2020 11:00 am

The latest in our #AskUsAnything series saw an expert panel discuss the impacts of coronavirus on the water sector. It is now available on demand.

The new five-year price control cycle for the water sector was replete with challenges even before the coronavirus outbreak.

We have already seen swift action to protect the non-domestic market from the worst effects of the crisis, but will this be enough? What impact will social distancing and the financial fallout from the pandemic have on the commitments made for AMP7?

Our expert panel – including John Reynolds, chief executive of Castle Water, Adam Richardson, market design director at MOSL and Waterwise managing director Nicci Russell – discussed all of this and other burning issues raised by Utility Week readers in the latest in our #AskUsAnything series.

You can register to listen back to the webinar here.