Auriga Services has launched a nationwide portal allowing utility companies to share information on their most vulnerable customers.

The priority services portal, which can be branded for any company, will allow customers to enter their details once to allow other utilities using the portal to access the data.

Customers will be able to tell their supplier of any additional needs they have – or support they require – in case of an electricity, gas or water outage.

Companies can use the platform to verify information to directly support those who have physical disabilities, mental health issues, long-term health conditions, or are elderly.

Mark Abrams, chief executive of Auriga Services, said: “The portal alleviates delays in communication with customers and we can share data, vastly improving the service offered to customers, and taking into consideration personal preferences for keeping in touch. It is fully-branded and works seamlessly with individual company systems, reducing manual intervention to update customer accounts.

“We have worked closely with the utility industry in developing the portal concept to fully understand their needs and the value they want to deliver for customers. By using the platform any company can seamlessly integrate their PSR information and will begin to get added value straight away for their customers, thanks to its ‘plug and play’ process.”

Industry observers have previously expressed their appetite for a shared priority services register (PSR) to help the most vulnerable and Auriga believes its system will be a step in the right direction.

Speaking in a recent interview with Utility Week Adam Scorer, chief executive of National Energy Action, remarked that a shared PSR will be a major benefit to vulnerable consumers.

“The data sharing aspect is crucial because what we know is that people for a whole bunch of reasons – the language of fuel poverty, of priority services, of vulnerability – a lot of people will be ashamed to come forward and identify as such. If they can get up the courage to say it once, don’t make them say it again,” he said.

You can read the full interview with Adam Scorer here.