Simble Solutions will launch into the UK metering market in June via UK software company Utiligroup. Its smart meter software will be integrated with Utiligroup’s uSmart platform and offered to utility suppliers.

Simble’s system uses sub-meters to provide more granular monitoring of electricity usage. It said that, in combination with Utiligroup’s uSmart DCC product, utilities will be able to offer customers the ability to monitor and control energy usage.

Simble chief executive Fadi Geha, said: “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where we will integrate with Utiligroup’s market leading [data and communications] solution which will enable us to bring a product to market that will benefit the average UK household.”

“Utiligroup offers a back-office business application as a service to startup and disruptor utilities,” Geha said. “They have more than 45 utilities that are primarily disruptor utilities, and were looking for a customer engagement and energy analytics capability to enable those utilities to scale up quickly.”

The company has a healthcare arm too, as according to Geha there is a synergy between smart metering and healthcare that presents many opportunities: “For example, monitoring of an individual power point in an old persons’ home could be used to trigger an alarm if normal behaviour patterns were not followed. It is a minor area of what we do, but we have seen those synergies being exploited in the UK.”

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