Competition will focus on novel uses for existing technologies

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has invited bids for a £7.75 million competition to develop domestic demand-side response (DSR).

The aim is to identify and demonstrate novel uses of flexible household demand in real-world settings that can later be replicated at a larger scale.  

The competition will focus on the application and integration of existing technologies rather than the development of new consumer products such as smart appliances.

For the first stage, entrants are being offered grants of up to £30,000 each out of a budget of £750,000 to produce feasibility studies which include detailed plans for demonstration projects. Entrants are expected to include aggregators and electricity suppliers, technology providers and representatives of communities with DSR potential.

The second stage will see the most promising projects from the feasibility studies awarded grants of up to £1 million from a £7 million budget for deployment and testing. No completely new applicants will be able to enter at this stage, although some will be encouraged to team up where their proposals overlap or are complementary.

The competition will be technology neutral, although a “balanced portfolio” approach will be used to ensure the selected projects cover a range of different loads.  It is being funded through the BEIS energy innovation programme and forms part of its smart systems and flexibility plan which was launched in July.

The deadline for submissions for the first phase of the competition is 15 February 2018.  

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