Building the data foundations for a net zero energy system

2 December 2021

Building the data foundations for a net zero energy system

What will it take to make energy network data fit to support the net zero carbon transition and ensure the right systems are in place to allow innovation to proliferate? The critical building blocks for future proofed energy data strategies are explored in this Utility Week Explains report.

Energy networks are under pressure to handle exponential growth in digital complexity as the UK’s drive for net zero carbon emissions by 2050 encourages a proliferation of distributed energy resources, intermittent embedded generation and other low carbon technologies.

And yet, despite the good work of the Energy Data and Digitalisation taskforces in pinpointing the key enabling characteristics of a truly smart energy system, a huge amount of operational data remains either unavailable and/or unfit to support the dynamic and complex decisions required in the networks of the future.

So argues Capula’s future networks strategy manager Jim Allen in this Utility Week Explains report which unpacks the building blocks for an effective energy digitalisation roadmap.

Download the report for expert commentary on:

  • Why network data matters to the energy transition
  • The readiness of networks and their data to support decarbonisation
  • Industry understanding of the potential use cases for different types of data
  • Where the most critical gaps in existing data lie
  • How legacy, linear architecture needs to shift for a more complex data future
  • Which key data governance principles must be adopted to promote data interoperability