Cable defect monitoring: How AI is making networks healthier

21 November 2023

Cable defect monitoring: How AI is making networks healthier

Remote monitoring of cable defects using AI can help engineers predict failure before it happens at substations and other installations. Read our report to find out how.

A tiny partial discharge can be the initial sign of a deterioration in insulation that will worsen over time, meaning an asset fails or employees are endangered.

By proactively addressing partial discharge, the risk of equipment failure and associated hazards can be reduced. And the technology for checking partial discharge, for determining the health or otherwise of an electricity network, is also evolving with AI.

Read our Utility Week Intelligence Explains report with Ampacimon to find out how feeding a machine-learning based system with more than a decade’s worth of engineering expertise is enabling networks to detect partial discharge remotely and take the engineer out of the loop.

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  • How partial discharge is an early warning system for assets.
  • How years of field data can train AI to recognise it.
  • How remote monitoring helps engineers at Spanish utility Red Eléctrica.
  • How the business case for remote cable monitoring stacks up.

Waiting for failure of cable can cost millions each year.

Stay ahead of the game with Utility Week and learn how to implement remote monitoring for partial discharge today.

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