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This case study explores the first time that Northumbrian Water has used ultraviolet technology to treat filtered water in a surface water treatment works.

Northumbrian Water provides water supply and sewerage services to a population of 2.7m in the north east and 1.8m in the south east of England, delivering 1,100 MLD of drinking water. Potable
water treatment works vary from small groundwater sources to large surface water treatment facilities. Their Mosswood Water Treatment Works in County Durham treats 135 MLD of water from
a local reservoir by clarification, filtration and chlorination.

Northumbrian Water needed a multi-barrier process against chlorine resistant organisms to ensure all disinfection requirements are met and the highest quality water is delivered to customers. They were also faced with space constraints for the installation of UV treatment.

Evoqua’s ultra-compact Wafer UV system was designed to provide high performance capabilities with the smallest footprint possible.

Evoqua proposed to install the ultra-compact Wafer UV system on the outlet of each individual filter within the filter gallery. This arrangement gives much more resilience than the more usual duty/
assist/standby configuration.

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