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Code administrator Elexon is proposing that nationwide electricity “flexibility platforms” are set up. The platforms would allow local distribution network operators (DNOs), suppliers and businesses to buy storage output or demand-side response (DSR) services. 


At a roundtable event organised by Network in association with National Grid, delegates were invited to consider how localised energy supports the whole energy system.
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One of the most telling findings from our research on the market’s readiness for the smart meter rollout is the estimate of cost per household. Suppliers believe it will cost an average of £227.57 per home. Distribution network operators predict £374. The suppliers are leading the rollout and may well know something the rest of the market doesn’t, but this discrepancy neatly illustrates the confusion surrounding the rollout; the lack of confidence the rest of the market has in the suppliers’ ability to deliver; and the poor communication between various market participants. Our research also shows that supplier confidence is not backed up with fact: only one in five reported having the processes in place to identify and deal with multiple dwelling units. Only 35 per cent of supplier respondents had processes in place to deal with difficult meter locations.

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