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The fourth industrial revolution, with widespread rollout of the so-called Internet of Things, has been well publicised and long anticipated. There can be little doubt that, with UK utilities and their supply chain partners under increasing pressure to deliver more for less, smart devices that generate actionable insight are a must-have.
Amid clamour for smarter cities and a green industrial revolution, Utility Week Innovate showcases five modern utility projects ensuring the foundations of tomorrow’s smart cities can match the durability and ambition of those laid by Victorians more than a century ago.
Thames Water’s head of innovation, Jon Regan, sheds light on the advances in technology and collaboration during his quarter century in the utilities sector, and a 400-year-old source of inspiration.
Northumbrian Water’s innovation partnerships manager Clive Surman-Wells reflects on changing career from IT to innovation, and the importance of finding the ‘passionate person’ when facing up to industry challenges.

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