A collective switching campaign that includes renewable energy, prepayment tariffs and energy efficiency kit launches next week in Cornwall.

The Cornwall Together project, run by Uswitch and Energy Share, could later wrap in social obligations under carbon reduction schemes Cert and Cesp, and the Green Deal and microgen systems. Cornwall Council and the Eden Project are behind the scheme.

Matt Hastings, energy manager at the Eden Project and project director for Cornwall Together, said the aim was to offer a “trusted third party to sit between suppliers and consumers” with “free loft and cavity wall insulation offered as a starter”.

NHS trusts, Unison and St Austell Brewery (via information in its 1,000 pubs) will promote the scheme. The target is to collect data from about 20,000 people for a switch in September.

Energy director Lucy Darch said Uswitch was taking a flexible approach to encourage suppliers to bid. Customers on prepayment meters could be offered cashback, she said, and there may be six different category winners. Profits will be split three ways, with 10 per cent going to a Cornish fund.

This article first appeared in Utility Week’s print edition of 20 July 2012.

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