“Nothing in the world” will stop energy storage, says expert

Local authorities have been told to develop energy storage strategies, so they will not be left behind when this new technology takes off.

Speaking today at the Association for Public Sector Excellence’s (APSE) energy conference, APSE associate Ray Noble said the price of energy storage systems will come down “faster than solar” and “every onshore wind and solar farm will have one in the future”.

“They [councils] need to put in place the right strategy or work with government to produce the right networks to make certain it happens in their area,” he said.

“Local authorities have got to recognise that this is going to happen. They need to be seen to be ahead of the game, and telling people in their area why they are doing this. All waste wagons will be electric. Many of those vehicles only do short differences, which is ideal for electric.”

Noble said storage will change the face of the energy market beyond recognition.

He said the roll-out of electric vehicles to the mass market, which he said is only three years away, and higher prices for diesel, will also drive the issue forward.

“It’s up to local authorities to recognise this and put pressure on government to make certain they benefit from it. There will be indirect subsidies coming along to help move the industry along.

“My view is you have to get your thoughts right now. It will happen super quick. You could make money for yourself, otherwise you will pay huge penalities by buying very expensive energy in the future.”

He added that central government is also “behind” energy storage.

“At the moment everybody is lobbying government about building battery plants in the UK for the motoring industry. What the industrial strategy guys have realised is this could make the UK a world leader.

“If we can jump on the boat now, because nobody else is on the boat, we will be a world leader and selling these services to other people. That’s what they [central government] are really after.”