Those looking to enter this year’s Utility Week Stars Award have been given a deadline reprieve

The deadline for entry to the Utility Week Stars wards 2017 has been pushed back to 10 March.

The two-week extension gives executives and managers a final chance to nominate teams and individuals in their organisation for recognition at the popular awards ceremony.

The Utility Week Stars Awards are designed to recognise the contributions of utilities’ employees to company performance and the delivery of critical services to UK consumers.

The awards also offer the opportunity to highlight outstanding schemes for collaboration with communities, the supply chain and education in the interests of improving sector image and efficiency.

In an environment of fast paced technological change and pressure on workforce and skills development, the Utility Week Stars Awards are a unique platform for recognition of workforce talent, commitment, and leadership.

The full list of categories is listed below and more information on the entry process can be found here.

  • Big Bang Award for Innovation 
  • Constellation Awards for collaborative work with a customer community
  • Constellation Awards for collaborative work with education
  • Constellation Awards for collaborative work with a supplier
  • Customer culture award
  • Data Demon Award
  • Health and Safety Champion – Initiative
  • Health and Safety Champion – Individual
  • Hero Award – Individual
  • Hero Award – Team
  • Rising Star Award
  • Shooting Star Award
  • Supernova Award for Long Service


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