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A new Utility Week report, produced in association with Ordnance Survey, explores the critical role location data is playing in energy service innovation and the adoption of net zero technologies.

Technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps are poised to change the energy industry forever. When the government bans on fossil-fuel powered cars and boilers come in over the next decades, network operators will look to demand rather than generation to balance the system.

While the flexibility market has started to establish itself, the power of location has yet to be fully unlocked and realised. Industry experts predict that a whole range of business models are likely to emerge around fixing balancing issues locally.

But how do network operators ensure they can be facilitators rather than barriers to connecting technology before it connects to the system?

This report explores how location data is likely to become a keystone of net zero energy service models.

Featuring contributions from KrakenFlex, Western Power Distribution, Flexitricity and the Energy Data Taskforce among others, this report outlines the barriers facing the flexibility market and the steps being taken by the industry to encourage interoperability with data.