Dutch smart grid manufacturer Alfen has launched a smart electric vehicle (EV) charge point for the domestic UK market.

The company said the Eve Single S-line offers EV users the “interoperability, energy and grid optimisation” features required to support a low-carbon energy transition.

The charge point is suitable for integration with time-of-use tariffs, demand response products, self-generated renewables and energy storage.

Marco Roeleveld, chief executive at Alfen, said: “Energy transition requires all energy users to be informed about, and make and act on, decisions about their energy use – and to be rewarded for doing so.

“Charging an electric vehicle at home impacts the homeowner’s energy bill and smart charging data helps to understand exactly how much.

“Integrating a charge point with solar panels, to optimise self-use of own energy, reduces impact on the grid and saves homeowner’s money.

“A charger that can ramp up and down, or on and off, in response to other electricity being used in the home, or a time-of-use tariff, is effectively allowing the homeowner to act on their energy decisions and save money.”

A number of technology companies have launched their products on the UK market in recent months.

In December last year London-based Andersen EV launched its A2 device which it claims is capable of charging the majority of modern EVs to 80 per cent in three hours.

US supplier of smart grid solutions, eMotorWerks, announced in November that it was partnering with EO Charging, a UK domestic and fleet EV charging manufacturer, to launch the EO mini pro charger.