Green energy company Ecotricity and charge point manufacturer Rolec EV have launched the Fully Charged Bundle, a new electric vehicle (EV) charging offer with three key elements.

These include the New Green Electricity + EV tariff, which the company claims is the lowest cost electricity tariff on the market. Ecotricity said it will save the average EV household around £120 a year, compared to a big six standard tariff.

The second element to the package is a WallPod home charging unit from Rolec EV for £99 installed, which represents a £180 saving on the standard price. Rolec EV claims the WallPod can charge a vehicle up to 60 per cent faster than a standard plug socket.

Half price charging on the road with the Electric Highway makes up the third element. Ecotricity will no longer charge all users a connection fee, but will charge 30p a unit to charge on the road. Those enrolled in the bundle can charge for 15p a unit.

Ecotricity estimates this will amount to a saving of roughly £50 a year for the average user.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, said: “Our ambition in doing this is clear – to make electric vehicle charging at home and on the road more simple, joined up and cost effective for existing and new EV drivers, and in this way we hope to encourage more people to go electric.”

Earlier this year, Ecotricity revealed plans to install its first energy storage project, near its head office in Stroud.

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