EDF Energy has signed a partnership with energy storage provider Anesco to optimise a combined 16MW of solar and battery assets at the Clayhill solar farm in Bedfordshire.

The deal, signed in partnership with technology company Upside Energy, will see the big six supplier providing a guaranteed floor price for storage.

All three companies will work to enhance the efficiency and the profitability of the assets at Anesco’s Clayhill site and will secure contracts with grid operators, generating revenue through direct access to wholesale markets.

EDF will operate Clayhill’s portfolio of assets through its demand-side response (DSR) platform PowerShift – a platform which enables industrial or grid-scale customers to benefit from the supplier’s 24/7 trading abilities.

Meanwhile Upside has developed an advanced platform using algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) systems to match energy demand with available supply.

The 44 acre site at Clayhill consists of over 31,000 solar panels which total 10MW of solar PV and is co-located with five 1.2MW batteries.

Vincent de Rul, director of energy solutions at EDF Energy, said: “EDF Energy is thrilled to announce its partnership with Anesco, helping to maximise the profitability of its Clayhill site by providing access to the wholesale market.

“We have worked closely with Anesco over the past few months to develop a unique and innovative contract structure that will be crucial if we want to balance renewable generation on the grid and work towards a low-carbon energy mix.”

Steve Shine, executive chairman at Anesco, said: “At Anesco we are always looking for new and innovative ways to maximise the return on our assets and provide more certainty to our investors.

“The floor price and 24-hour trading capability provided in this deal are crucial new developments for storage.

“This is a partnership between three fantastic organisations, we’re already achieving great results and I am sure we will be working together ever more closely in the future.”

Devrim Celal, chief executive at Upside Energy, said: “We are very proud and happy to work with our partners at EDF Energy and Anesco.

“We are organisations that know each other well and our positive working relationships reflect that.

“Shaping the future of energy by pioneering digital solutions that support the management of smart energy is at the core of Upside Energy’s business.

“This is an exciting, new opportunity at Clayhill to further enhance the business case for renewable energy and play a central role in the future of energy in the UK.”

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