Effective asset management is all about the data

4 May 2023

Effective asset management is all about the data

Water companies use a range of smart technology to augment the UK’s aging infrastructure – and data now informs everything from asset management to Net-Zero strategy. It’s also critical currency in demonstrating progress to customers, regulators, and the media.

There’s no shortage of information across the water sector, but knowing what to do with that data is a key differentiator.

Is real-time reporting leading to data overload? Are we tracking irrelevant insights? And how can the right data deliver cost savings, compliance, and customer satisfaction?

Adler and Allan’s ‘Asset Management and Maintenance: It’s All About the Data’ whitepaper explores the evolving role of information in the UK water industry – and why a real-world definition of data can shape a better route through AMP8 and beyond.