The British Energy Efficiency Federation (BEEF) has joined trade association the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA).

Energy efficiency body BEEF was founded in 1996 by government to provide a forum for consultation with existing industry associations in the sector. The initiative was driven by the then environment secretary and current Committee on Climate Change chairman John Gummer.

Andrew Warren, BEEF chair and former director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, said: “The 17 member trade associations involved with BEEF were delighted to accept the offer from one of our founding members, EUA, to come under their secretarial umbrella.

“It will enable us to build upon our unique role of representing the interests of the entire energy efficiency industry, especially with our formal quarterly plenaries held in the offices of our sponsoring government department BEIS.”

EUA chief executive Mike Foster added: “Most sensible figures in the energy industry recognise the need to decarbonise the energy we use and the need to use less too. That is why organisations like EUA, have long advocated the use of green gas to decarbonise heat and transport, in conjunction with nationwide energy efficiency efforts.

“Too often energy efficiency is the ‘poor relation’ of energy policy. But the cleanest, cheapest and most secure energy is that which is never used because of energy efficiency measures being in place.

The British Energy Efficiency Federation is a natural fit for EUA given our work across the industry and we look forward to working with and supporting BEEF as we help secure a decarbonised and energy efficient UK.”

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