An electric vehicle (EV) forum designed to bring together charge point operators has been launched by Energy UK.

The forum will explore ways to ensure that EVs are integrated into the energy system in a way which “enables continued innovation and growth” and is “centred round customer needs”.

Energy UK, which sits on the government’s EV energy taskforce, previously launched a consultation on smart charging standards – something it says will be “crucial” to managing demand on the grid through customer choice.

The work of the forum will feed into wider efforts of the taskforce to decarbonise transport. It is thought the decarbonisation of transport will result in 323 billion vehicle miles per year to be electrified in the UK.

Tom Pakenham, director, electric vehicles at OVO Energy and chair of the Energy UK EV working group said the shift to electric vehicles will result in “massive changes” to both the UK’s transportation landscape and its energy infrastructure.

He added: “These changes will affect stakeholders across multiple industries, all of whose voices need to be heard as the system of the future emerges.”

Lawrence Slade, Energy UK’s chief executive said: “EVs have enormous and widespread potential from tackling emissions and air pollution to their transformative effect on the energy system itself – as well as the economic benefits of being a world leader in the technology involved.

“However, in order to maximise this potential a wide ranging and co-ordinated approach across all the different sectors and authorities involved is required.

“As the performance and cost of EVs improves, it will be vital that the necessary infrastructure, like the expansion of charging points, keeps pace with consumer demand.

“This forum is the latest evidence that as the energy industry we are doing all we can to bring people together and drive the EV rollout forward.”

The first meeting of the EV charging forum will be held on 10 September and those wishing to attend should contact Joseph Cosier on

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