Trade body Energy UK has welcomed a commitment from Europe’s leading electricity producers to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

The Union of the Electricity Industry in Europe (Eurelectric) has received pledges from members to take action to support a shift to a carbon neutral electricity mix before the middle of the century.

Eurelectric said it wanted the industry to take “a leading role in Europe’s decarbonisation efforts towards the Paris agreement”.

Commitments from members include a promise to invest in clean power generation and other transition-enabling solutions and to help accelerate COemission reductions in other sectors through increasingly efficient use of clean electricity.

Responding to the announcement, Energy UK chief executive Lawrence Slade said: “The UK electricity sector has made great strides in driving the transition to clean energy with over 50% of generation coming from low carbon sources for much of this year.

“We’re committed to going further and faster and welcome our European colleagues sharing the same ambition.

“In moving to a low-carbon economy, it’s essential that other areas like heating and transport follow suit and we are looking to work with other sectors and government to make this happen.”

The call for other sectors to work with the electricity industry to accelerate decarbonisation was echoed by Eurelectric vice president Magnus Hall.

Hall, also chief executive of Vattenfall, said: “Electrification of heating, transport and industry is a win-win. It comes with higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. We should do everything possible to advance electrification with smart regulation.”

Eurelectric’s announcement followed a comprehensive consultation process, which engaged company chief executives and industry representatives from across Europe. The final declaration received unanimous support.

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