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10MW battery will provide enhanced frequency response to National Grid

Energy giant Eon has completed grid connection for a 10MW energy storage facility which will provide flexibility services to National Grid.

The battery, at Blackburn Meadows, near Sheffield is housed in four 40ft shipping containers and stores roughly the same amount of power as 100 family cars, according to Eon.

The energy company’s heat and power solutions business director, David Topping described completion of the project as “a milestone for Eon in the new energy world”.

Eon broke ground on the new storage facility in January this year and began installing the battery units in April. Last year, the project became one of eight winners in the first ever EFR auction held by National Grid.

It’s EFR contract will last for four years, and Eon also holds a capacity market contract for the site.

“Having undergone successful grid testing by National Grid we are the first EFR operator to complete the installation and bring our system online,” said Topping. “The success of this project, three months ahead of plan, is tribute to the excellent work done by colleagues across Eon as well as our contractors.”

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