Application is the “next step” in making energy use more visible

Energy giant Eon has launched a new smart phone app to help people view electricity and gas use on the go.

The app that will enable some customers with smart meters see near-real time information about how much electricity and gas they are using.

It is being offered to some customers instead of a physical in-home smart energy display when they have a smart meter installed.

Through the app, energy usage cane be viewed can be represented as pounds and pence, kilowatts, or as graphs that show usage over days, weeks and months.

The app also includes a traffic light system, which allows customers to easily spot if their energy consumption is higher, lower or in line with usual use. In addition, customers can receive regular alerts to remind them to keep track of how much energy they’re using.

Chris Lovatt, director of residential operations at Eon, said the app is the “next step in helping our customers get more visibility of their energy use than ever before, whether they’re at home or not”.

“Smart meters already offer a number of benefits for customers, such as helping bring an end to estimated bills,” added Lovatt.

“And through innovative solutions like E.ON See, we’re making it even easier for our customers to benefit from complete clarity about their energy habits by providing detailed, personalised insights through a convenient and easy to use app.”

The app is currently only available in the North East of England, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

The company hopes to roll it out to the rest of the country in due course.

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