New products could elevate “technology to the next level”

Energy giant Eon has launched a new solar and storage range, which it claims could save customers £300 a year.

Eon Solar and Storage will offer households the choice of solar panels, solar panels with storage or a retrofit battery option for those who already have PV installed.

The range will initially only be available in the Midlands, but the company plans to offer it in other parts of the country shortly.

“The introduction of an at-home battery elevates this technology to the next level by giving people the means to store the power they generate for use whenever it suits them,” said Gavin Stokes, head of commercial solutions at Eon UK.

Eon predicts that households installing the solar panel alone could save up to 30 per cent on electricity costs, while those taking the full solar and storage system could see their bills halved, and save up to £300 a year.

In an interview with Utility Week, Eon UK chief executive Tony Cocker said that the launch of the company’s new solar PV and battery offering is indicative of a new ability to conduct fast-paced innovation, which has become possible since the company split away from its conventional generation and trading activities.

“We’re moving from idea to implementation in a fast-paced world in a way which would not have been the case in a business including conventional generation,” he said.

Alongside the solar PV and battery launch, Cocker pointed to Eon’s progress with its grid scale energy storage project near Sheffield and its introduction of a new smart energy app as other examples of “customer centric” and “fast” innovation.