Eon has launched a new two-year fixed price deal which offers electric vehicle (EV) drivers £30 off their annual bill – the equivalent of 850 free miles in a Nissan Leaf.

The Fix and Drive tariff is available to anyone who owns or leases a plug-in or hybrid EV that is registered with the DVLA.

The electricity supplied will also be 100 per cent renewable and the emissions from customers’ gas use will be offset with carbon credits from the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism.

Eon UK chief executive Michael Lewis said: “Sales of electric vehicles are increasing year on year and the UK is now one of Europe’s largest markets for them. Drivers need to be able to charge their cars quickly and conveniently, and for many, that means plugging in at home.

“Our new Fix and Drive tariff has been specifically designed with these customers in mind, who likely have higher electricity bills, to provide competitive pricing, a rebate and clean energy to supply their homes and power their vehicles.”

Other suppliers to have launched tariffs designed specifically for EV drivers include Ovo Energy, Octopus Energy, Scottish Power and Ecotricity.

Ovo’s tariff includes free access to Chargemaster’s network of public charging points, whilst Octopus’ time-of-use tariff offers customers cheaper electricity overnight.

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