Eon promotes hot water efficiency to save on gas bills

Eon is entering the water efficiency arena and encouraging people to take shorter showers and fit flow regulators.

The company calculates cutting two minutes off shower time could save the average UK household nearly £20 a year on its gas bill. It said fitting its ShowerSave device could save up to £46 a year in utility bills, depending on regional metered water charges.

A survey of 10,000 people carried out by OnePoll showed adults on average spend nine minutes in the shower, five times a week.

Beverley Maguire, energy fitness expert at E.ON, said: “While a lovely long hot shower or bath can be the ultimate treat, it’s important to know the real cost of this and how it can impact on the environment. It’s clear that we all love spending time in the bath and shower, but savvy families should consider adjusting their habits to save money and water.”