Erda Energy has claimed its Geo-Exchange ground-source heat pump technology has now cut carbon emissions by a total of 28,000 tonnes by replacing heating from gas boilers.

The company said on average its installations prevented 0.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere during every hour in 2016. The equivalent figure for 2017 was 0.78 tonnes and currently stands at 0.81 tonnes for 2018.

Erda estimated that the fleet has reduced gas consumption by 205GWh over the last seven years.

Managing director Kevin Stickney said the IPCCs recent report on climate change joins a mounting body of evidence demonstrating the dramatic consequences of failing to decarbonise heat: “What our data shows is a proven pathway to do this by leveraging a free resource right beneath our feet. Electrification works.”

He continued: “This study represents just 24 new and retro-fit, large commercial sites located all across the UK. It’s the tip of the iceberg – imagine the impact of electrification on a national scale.”

Erda said the carbon savings from heat pumps will only become greater as the electricity used to power them becomes cleaner.

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