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Utility Week Guide – essential reading for entrants into utilities

Utility Week has produced its first Utility Week Guide to Utilities 2018. The guide provides an essential introduction to the complex workings of the energy and water markets which are undergoing the biggest changes since privatisation some 30 years ago.

The UK utilities sector is a dynamic and exciting marketplace, full of both challenges and conun­drums. The ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions coupled with a move to a more localised form of operation has created a huge array of oppor­tunities, driven and enabled by new technologies. Competition is fierce as new entrants have come into both energy and water. Margins are under pressure as rules in this highly regulated market tighten and pressure mounts from politicians looking for the what they perceive to be a more equitable balance between profit and social responsibility and improved customer service.

This timely guide has been produced by Utility Week, the brand leader and recognised authority in the field.

Over three main sections, our aim is to help readers navigate the energy and water markets – how they operate, how they are regulated, the leading companies, and key individuals – and the main issues they are facing and, in doing so, shine a light on the risks – and the rewards.

What you can expect to learn

This essential 52-page guide provides:

  • A brief overview of the UK energy market – the breakdown of generators, distributors and retailers – and comprehensive listing of who these companies are, staff and turnover.
  • Details how the energy market is changing, including shifts in policy and tighter demands from regulators – and the new players coming into the sector.
  • How UK generators are meeting the demands to cut carbon dioxide emissions – the decline of fossil fuels and the rise of the renewables and what it means for decarbonising heat.
  • An introduction to the network operators – where they operate and an explanation of how energy is bought and sold; the mechanisms for dealing with intermittent generation and incentives for low-carbon generation.
  • We look at the future of different forms of energy generation and explore what role now for coal and gas and the future of nuclear.
  • The onset of low-carbon transport and the impact electric vehicles and what this will mean to traditional network operators and suppliers
  • Profiles of the key players in the energy market and who you need to know, including business leaders, regulators and politicians.
  • A comprehensive explanation to the domestic water market – the water and sewerage companies, who regulates them and the performance targets they are set.
  • An introduction to the open retail water market for non-domestic customers, how it operates and the companies serving it – how well it’s doing a year after it opened and what changes lie ahead.
  • A briefing on the City view of utilities and why this is changing, together with a look at procurement and how the rules could be impacted by Brexit.


The Utility Week Guide to Utilities 2018 is available to paid subscribers here.