European industrial infrastructure cyber threat perspective

21 June 2022

European industrial infrastructure cyber threat perspective

Europe’s Industrial Infrastructure cyber landscape faces distinctive threats from cyber criminals. This report identifies the key risks and how they can be addressed.

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Dragos assesses with high confidence that adversaries pose a threat to European Industrial Infrastructure for the following reasons presently and into the next 12 months:

• Increasing regional tensions are likely to result in industrial operations impact from criminal and other adversaries. Particularly of concern are geographically dispersed industrial operations such as renewable electric generation, electric transmission, upstream and midstream oil and gas, water and wastewater management, etc.
• The increase in ransomware attacks, especially those targeting small- to medium-sized manufacturing entities
• The continued development of Activity Group (AG) techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs)
• The high interdependence yet independently managed and operated nature of industrial operations across Europe presents a unique regional systematic risk where a threat to one European country is a threat to operations in other countries

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