Europe’s “smartest home electric vehicle (EV)” charger which will allow drivers to schedule their charging time, is set to be launched in the UK.

US supplier of smart grid solutions, eMotorWerks, is partnering with EO Charging, a UK domestic and fleet EV charging manufacturer, to launch the EO mini pro charger.

The EO mini pro will be integrated with eMotorWerks’ cloud-based platform JuiceNet, which enables the electric load from multiple charging stations to be aggregated and subsequently managed to respond to surges in demand on the grid and to bid that load into energy markets.

Such a high level of control over EV charging load allows energy companies to modulate electricity demand. This control of charging loads relieves grid stress by shifting EV charging to times when renewable resources are more available and when energy prices are lower.

It will also allow EVs to be charged using green energy by accessing data sources which provide information on how renewable the energy is.

Valery Miftakhov, founder and CEO of eMotorWerks, said: “As more UK drivers opt for an electric car, and the UK increases its renewable energy supply, we’re pleased to partner with EO Charging and together offer the UK’s smartest chargers on the market.

“By participating in energy services, such as demand response, drivers can reduce EV operating costs and relieve pressure on the grid at times of stress.

“As we expand our European business, we believe JuiceNet will be a significant smart grid enabler for energy companies and authorities to ensure that EVs play a beneficial role in our energy systems at scale.”

According to EO Charging, benefits of the device include allowing customers to:

  • Schedule charging time – helping EV drivers benefit from cheaper electricity
  • Allow EV drivers to utilise more green energy from the grid
  • View historical charging data via the dashboard – ideal for fleet managers wanting to reimburse employees for charging at home
  • Lower driving costs by enabling EV drivers to earn or save money

Charlie Jardine, founder and chief executive at EO Charging, described EV chargers as the “gateway to the future of mobility”.

He added: “Electric vehicles represent the most disruptive technology the modern power network has ever witnessed, and we are working to ensure that EO is at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution where EV drivers and consumers are playing a more active role in their energy generation and usage.

“Whilst we have seen success in the home charging market with the standard EO mini, we’ve not had a true ‘smart-home offering’. Our partnership with eMotorWerks allows us to launch a cost-effective smart charger for the domestic EV driver that can integrate with solar, onsite storage and offer a plethora of energy management benefits.”

In response to the announcement a spokesperson for UK Power Networks said: “We welcome innovative and smart charging approaches which will be key to enabling electric vehicles without having to reinforce the network and therefore at the lowest cost to consumers.

“Our role is to be an enabler of the low carbon transition whilst maintaining a reliable network for our customers.”

The EO mini pro will be available from early next year and will be designed for several types of homes including traditional homes reliant on the grid for their energy and homes with solar panels and/or battery storage.

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