Ewing concern over Energy Bill amendments

Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing has raised concerns that amendments to the Energy Bill allowing the Westminster government to set a closure date for the Renewables Obligation (RO) in Scotland could undermine the sector.

In a letter to the UK energy secretary Ed Davey, Ewing said it was “extraordinary” the amendments had been proposed as they would “strip Scottish ministers and the Scottish Parliament of their power and discretion in an area of such vital importance”.

He added the proposals “risk failing Scotland and the UK in a number of vital areas, and present a huge risk to UK security of supply as well as to investor confidence and our low carbon ambitions”.

Responding to the letter, Davey said: “These amendments are designed to provide certainty for both investors and consumer across the UK.”

He added: “These costs [of the RO] would fall to consumers across the UK, not just Scotland, so it is right that the UK government should be able to determine the closure date for the scheme.”