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The ability to have control of your end-to-end supply chain has never been more important in the utilities sector, with increased pressure to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and provide outstanding levels of customer satisfaction now being an industry must.

In addition to the requirement to provide affordability, high levels of resilience and ongoing levels of innovation, the utilities sector is being tasked with delivering transformation like never before.

Effectively managing your supply chain and controlling all associated variable costs presents a unique opportunity to deliver market-leading services, which drive significant efficiency gains and substantial cost benefits.

It is still commonplace for many utility companies to use an in-house service provision. Typically this leads to outdated methods, which miss the opportunities that exist at the forefront of supply chain and logistics innovation.

Wouldn’t it be better for your field engineer productivity if your engineers didn’t have to visit stores or depots and the product was delivered direct to your engineer’s van or to a location very close to their home address?

Wouldn’t it be beneficial if you had total visibility of every piece of product and stock across your entire business network, knowing exactly what stock is in the engineer’s van and what stock is in all your depots, and having this controlled centrally rather than regionally?

What if all these products were underpinned by accurate data and management information reporting to allow your teams to control and monitor spend and usage, thus enabling highly accurate demand forecast planning to ensure your inventory was optimally controlled maximising stock availability, while minimising levels of inventory?

At TVS Supply Chain Solutions we are working with a number of utilities clients to deliver these solutions and impart best practice. We utilise bespoke in-house IT capability to underpin the supply chain and procurement services that we provide in order to deliver market-leading levels of innovation, thus creating transformation in supply chain and logistics performance.

We draw best practice and proven capability from our long-standing operations in the automotive, defence and beverage sectors where “lean methodology” and year-on-year efficiency performance have been pre­requisites for many years.

The pressure to change has never been greater in the utilities sector and those companies who move quickly and respond to these changes will be at the forefront of their sector for years to come.

Scott Bairstow, Business Development Manager, Utilities, TVS Supply Chain Solutions

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