Octopus Energy has launched the “first ever” time of use tariff designed specifically for electric vehicle (EV) users.

The Octopus Energy Go tariff will provide customers with four hours per night of electricity at 5p/kWh.

The  tariff is up to 70 per cent cheaper than typical “big six” tariffs and on average at least 25 per cent cheaper than typical cheap Economy 7 tariff night rates, the company claimed.

Octopus has also partnered with Myenergi to provide automatic cheap time charging using the smart zappi charger. The chargers automatically charge during the cheapest four hours overnight, unless the driver overrides the system.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Octopus Energy’s director of product, said: “Octopus is passionate about driving the UK’s switch to electric vehicles. We’re delighted to use our innovative tech both to offer the cheapest kWh charge in the market and enable your car to automatically charge itself, a brilliant way to unlock those electric car savings.”

In February, Octopus Energy announced a new time of use tariff – Octopus Agile – for smart meter customers which could see them paid to use electricity when demand is low.

Octopus Energy’s tariff for EV users follows a raft of similar launches over the last year as suppliers aim to position themselves more competitively by offering services designed specifically for EV users.

In May, Scottish Power introduced the Smart Green Electric Vehicle June 2020 tariff, enabling customers to charge their EVs at home.

Last year, green energy company Ecotricity and charge point manufacturer Rolec EV launched the Fully Charged Bundle, a new EV charging offer with three key elements including New Green Electricity + EV tariff, a WallPod home charging unit, and half price road charging with the Electric Highway.

Independent energy supplier Ovo Energy also launched EV Everywhere, a two-year fixed price energy tariff for EV drivers.

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