Flow Energy launches eco boiler

Flow Energy has launched its Flow Eco RF boiler which could reduce gas bills by up to 15 per cent and carbon emissions by 20 per cent.

The independent supplier is expanding its heat product range in a bid to offer consumers more choice and the chance to save money.

Consumers will be able to control the internet-connected boiler through an app on their smartphone. The boiler also has remote diagnostics allowing for issues to be fixed directly from installers offices and reducing the need for call-outs.

The boiler will be manufactured by Intergas and will be sold by Flow’s Brand Ambassador installers across the UK. This model removes wholesalers from the supply chain to give installers an increased margin and end customer’s better value.

Flow group chief executive Tony Stiff said: “The energy supply division of our business has grown phenomenally in the past year, and we’re keen to replicate this growth in our products division.

“We’re doing this by partnering with the likes of Intergas to deliver exciting and innovative heating products, such as the Flow Eco RF boiler, and by leveraging our strong existing Brand Ambassador network we’re taking a completely new approach to the heating market.”

Flow is offering the boiler as part of a 10-year home energy bundle which includes the boiler, installation, 10 year warranty and the intouch system. 

In 2015 Flow group created an innovative micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) boiler designed to convert heat from combustion into electricity. By generating power at the point-of-use while using the heat, the Flow boiler significantly reduces the carbon intensity of that power.