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At least half of electricity supplied by Flow Energy to be sourced from renewables

At least half of all electricity supplied to domestic customers by Flow Energy will now be sourced from renewables, the independent supplier has announced.

Customers also have the option to upgrade their current tariffs to include 100 per cent renewable electricity at a cost of roughly £2.50 per month for the average household.

“Sustainability in energy is our biggest driver, whether that’s green energy, realistic pricing or improving the industry’s reputation so that customers feel they can engage with their energy supplier in a positive way,” said Flow Energy managing director Andrew Beasley.

“85 per cent of our customers say that having a higher proportion of renewable electricity in their tariff is a good thing, and we’ll continue to invest in our renewable offer, with all new tariffs coming with 50 per cent renewable electricity as standard and all new tariffs having a 100 per cent renewable version available too.”

Yesterday (9 October), Eon announced the launch of a 100 per cent renewable tariff for electric vehicle owners, offering cheaper electricity overnight when most will choose to charge their vehicles.  

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