Blockchain development company will “be a major player” says Massara

A former Npower chief executive has been appointed as director of the energy blockchain development company, Electron.

Paul Massara, who is also chief executive of North Star Solar, has joined the London-based Electron, which has developed a blockchain registration platform for electricity and gas meters.

Massara was formerly previously chief executive of RWE Npower and RWE Ag executive committee member and on their innovation board.
And prior to this he was also on the executive committee of Centrica plc.

“I am really excited about joining the Board and investing in Electron,” said Massara.

“It is clear that blockchain will disrupt many markets including the energy market and having scanned the market, it was clear that Electron will be a major player.”

The chief executive of Electron, Paul Ellis, said Massara will “bring invaluable industry and business experience to the company”.

“This is also a testament to the growing recognition within the energy industry of the opportunity afforded by blockchains to speed innovation and cut costs. Both of which will be good news to consumers,” added Ellis.

The company announced in December is has developed the electricity and gas meter platform, which is capable of supporting the reduction of supplier switching time from 17 days to mere minutes.

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