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Charity strengthens board for new five-year plan

Martin Baggs, former Thames Water chief executive, has joined the board of environmental charity Thames21.

The appointment was made to strengthen the board and “help deliver its new five year plan”. Alongside Baggs, Peter Gerstorm, previously chief executive of waste management company Cory Environmental, has also been named as a trustee.

“We are delighted to draw on the huge experience of Martin Baggs and Peter Gerstrom by welcoming them to the charity’s board of trustees,” said Thames21 chairman, Michael Hamilton.

“They not only know a great deal about the issues confronting London’s waterways, but also have a huge understanding of our work from their previous associations with us,” he added.

Baggs joined the board at Thames Water in 2006, and was chief executive from 2009-2016.

“Having worked in the water industry for more than 30 years I am absolutely passionate about the environment and I am proud to have been a strong supporter of Thames 21 in my previous role at Thames Water,” said Baggs.

“Thames21 is a brilliant organisation doing a superb job linking communities to their local rivers. I am delighted to join the board to support the team and build stronger links across the wide range of stakeholders and supporters,” added Baggs.

Thames21 is charity that seeks to improve waterways through environmental improvements, education, research and advocacy efforts



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