Future-proofing your lines of communication

Utility companies rely heavily on SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems to monitor and manage critical infrastructure. The planned UK PSTN network end-of-life in 2025 has created a sizable problem for the sector to solve. Not only does industry need a viable technological replacement for existing PSTN-enabled sites, but also a long-term future-proof solution that can scale and adapt as technologies and businesses continue to evolve.

Echostar Mobile’s SYNERGY™

EchoStar Mobile has developed its new SYNERGY™ service specifically around use cases like PSTN replacement. A single terminal, single subscription and single management portal provides seamless hybrid cellular/satellite connectivity so, from high density urban areas to the remotest parts of the UK, Utility companies can deploy the same standardised communication solution to enable their existing SCADA sites and to evolve their future IOT strategies. IP-based SYNERGY™ also makes applications like remote video much more feasible for these low bandwidth sites.

S-Band Satellite

EchoStar Mobile’s mobile satellite services network operates in the S-Band, ensuring that whatever the atmospheric conditions the service will remain stable, available, and fully functional. The S-Band frequency range also facilitates the development of small, low cost terminals for use throughout the UK; be it on land, at sea or on the move in vehicles or on trains.
Cellular roaming
SYNERGY™ includes access to over 125 cellular networks across the UK and Europe (including Scandinavia). In the UK specifically, SYNERGY™ has access to multiple networks, providing not just wide coverage but also in many cases, a choice of network.

Partner interface platform

SYNERGY™ has been fully integrated into our Partner Interface Platform so provisioning the SYNERGY™ service, setting usage alerts and generating custom reports can be done at the touch of a button.

Ruggedised and scalable hardware platform

The SYNERGY™ service is enabled by the Hughes 4510 terminal. A small, low-cost rugged (IP-67), auto acquire terminal that requires little to no technical expertise to install. The terminal’s low power draw means that when sites only have access to alternate power sources like solar panels or wind turbines, service remains available and stable.
Lastly, EchoStar Mobile understands that technologies do not remain static. Over the coming years technologies like Lora, LTE and 5G are expected to play an important role in the utilities sector and EchoStar Mobile is already working on how to incorporate these into our development roadmap, ensuring a future-proof platform to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.