G4S Utility Services (G4S) has been awarded a seven year contract worth at least £150 million, to manage British Gas's meters.

The deal will see G4S read all the conventional meters from April 2013, as well as providing data management services for both fuel types.

Kim Challis, chief executive officer, government and outsourcing solutions at G4S, said: “G4S and British Gas have enjoyed a successful relationship for over 16 years and we are delighted to be working with them on this major contract.”

The contract, which was previously split between G4S and Siemens Metering Services, will see almost 700 meter operatives transfer across to G4S, with the first wave of transfers beginning in April. All employees are expected to have completed the transfer to G4S by July 2013.

The company expects to take approximately 40 million meter readings from British Gas customers every year from the start of the contract.

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