Making digital asset management a reality

28 June 2019

Unlocking the potential of asset data for smarter network operation and step changes in efficiency relies on achieving a universal asset language. This detailed report sets out the benefits that ISO 55000 can bring to companies with smart utility aspirations.

Utilities are under pressure to unlock step changes in efficiency under increasingly tough regulatory regimes. At the same time, a rising climate crisis is accelerating the need to operate smarter networks which can optimisie asset performance and support decarbonisation.

In this environment it is critical that utilities rapidly develop their digital asset management capabilities. An essential first step (as outlined in the recent Energy Data Taskforce report: A strategy for a Modern Digitalised Energy System) is to implement common language standards for digital asset management. ISO 55000 is the internationally recognized standard to apply.

Complete the form below to download a detailed report on the benefits of ISO 55000 and gain case study insights into the experiences of international utilities which have adopted the standard.

The report highlights:

> Why ISO 55000 is needed to begin integration of enterprise-wide SCADA and non-operational data
> How ISO 55000 can make condition based asset management a reality
> Why ISO 55000 is the foundation stone for digital twin success
> Case studies from US power utilities, Alectra Utilities and New York Power Authority