Chinese nuclear reactors are not the solution to the UK’s growing energy needs, says GMB.

British energy union GMB has called for “considerable caution” over Chinese involvement in the involvement in the Bradwell B reactor design. The UK will not benefit from “Chinese pop-up power stations” it said.

The union voiced its concerns following the news that nuclear regulators have been asked by the government to begin the Generic Design Assessment for the Chinese reactor that set to be installed at the Bradwell B nuclear plant in Essex.

National Secretary for Energy for GMB Justin Bowden said that the announcement by Business and Energy Minister Jesse Norman was one of “huge importance” for both the Bradwell project and the future of new nuclear reactors across the UK.

“GMB has for years urged government to exercise considerable caution over Chinese involvement in terms of the technology, financing, security and the jobs – both during construction and once built,” said Bowden.

The assessment of the UK HPR1000 reactor will be undertaken by the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency.

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