Government looking at extending Eco period

The government is looking at extending the time that major suppliers have to meet their Energy Company Obligation (Eco) targets, according to the climate change minister.

Speaking to Utility Week at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Greg Barker said: “We are certainly looking at the future of Eco and we understand that the industry would like an extension”, but he added “we haven’t taken a decision on that yet”.

Barker did however rule out removing green levies from energy bills and adding them into general taxation, saying there are “no plans to do that”.

He added: “We certainly don’t want to see the cost of policy increase and that is why we are relentless in trying to drive down the cost of renewables” by making them “scale up faster” and reduce their need for government support.

“There is no indefinite subsidy culture in the energy sector. We must all be focussed not just on clean and green energy but also deliver value to consumers.”