Green Deal floodgates ‘now truly open’

The floodgates are “now truly open” for the Green Deal, according to the boss of an energy efficiency firm.

Adrian Pike, chief executive at Anesco, has seen his company complete its first two Green Deals – in a semi-detached house and a flat – and he now expects to complete “hundreds more”.

Pike said: “The Green Deal has received a lot of bad press since it was introduced, but we have backed it from the start.”

He added: “Any new initiative takes time to get going, especially in the face of such negativity, but it’s now beginning to come into its own and we expect it will really take off in 2014.

“With these first two deals signed, and hundreds more expected in the coming months, the flood gates are now truly open.”

The most recent government figures (until the end of September) showed that only 57 Green Deal plans had been installed, 505 deals signed, and a total of 85,177 Green Deal assessments had been completed.