Consumer research shows money and energy savings drive smart tech uptake

Around half of technophiles who have adopted smart home devices cite energy efficiency as a key driver.

The finding comes from research conducted by Eon with 2,000 UK homeowners about attitudes to smart technology.

Almost three quarters (73 per cent) of those surveyed said they had adopted smart home technologies and 55 per cent of these said they were motivated by the desire to be more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency was the second biggest driver for technophiles, only topped by saving money, which motivated 59 per cent.

When asked what types of smart technologies people would want in their homes by 2020, four in ten (44 per cent) said they would like solar panels and/or an electricity battery storage system, more than a third (35 per cent) converted smart lighting, a fifth (20 per cent) wanted a voice controlled smart hub and 13 per cent desired a charging point for an electric car.

Commenting on the research findings Gavin Stokes, Eon UK’s head of commercial solutions said: “It’s really heartening that three quarters of households have already taken steps to make their homes smarter. But with a quarter of people saying they’re yet to take steps to make their homes more solutions-savvy, there’s still much we can do to help people realise the benefits a smarter lifestyle can bring.

He continued: “Many of the people we spoke to are already aware of the benefits solar and battery systems can bring – from saving money, to having a more energy efficient home, to making homes more appealing to buyers.