Hard Brexit could hit Northern energy research

Region accounts for almost half of EU renewable energy research funding to UK, warns think tank

A hard Brexit could have a negative impact on the North’s green energy economy, a leading think tank has warned.

In a report published today, IPPR North claimed the region is heavily dependent on the European Regional Development Fund, especially compared to other regions around the UK.

According to the IPPR’s analysis, the region recieves £75 million and accounts for 45 per cent of the UK’s share of renewable energy research funding, more than any other region.

The issue of funding is of particular concern, the report states, as previous research shows that the UK government tends to favour investing in London and the south east, whereas the EU is more prepared to invest in other parts of the country.

Another major concern raised was the prospect of information sharing and collaboration with other European nations, post-Brexit.

“The North of England is already leading the UK in green energy, providing more than half the country’s jobs in this sector, and has the potential to be a world-leader in green energy too,” said IPPR North director, Ed Cox.

“But to achieve this we need to see a close relationship with our European neighbours post-Brexit, from research through to frictionless supply chains for advanced manufacturing in the energy sector.”