Have your say on Utility Week’s Big Questions

We want to hear your views on some of the biggest question marks hanging over the utilities sector.

Over the next week, we will be running a series of polls focusing on a different topic each day – ranging from net zero to the financeability of business plans, the smart meter rollout and the future of home heating.

We will be revealing the final results next week and using them to inform our ongoing coverage, as well as discussion at Utility Week Live.

We want to hear the views of members but the survey is also open more widely so please do share the link.

Our first question centres on Labour’s policy stance of pushing for a decarbonised power system by the end of this decade. Do you think it’s feasible?

Our second looks at whether the energy price cap should remain in perpetuity.

The third question is whether Great Britain will hit its target of installing smart meters in 75% of homes by the end of next year

Next we asked whether Ofwat will end up facing appeals to its determinations on water company PR24 business plans.

We also wanted to get your views on the future role of hydrogen in home heating.

And finally, we asked who is most responsible for pollution in Britain’s waterways.